John Schuster of the “Geek Must Have” blog published a blog post on boxes.
It gives very detailed guidance on how to set up boxes to work in Windows PowerShell. Thanks John!
In short, on Windows, you want boxes.exe and boxes.cfg in the same directory, ideally one that’s listed on the PATH environment variable.
Version 1.2 is out. This release features a minor enhancement to the configuration file capabilities, several bug fixes, improvements to the build, and several new box designs.   ... read more
Boxes is now part of Windows 10! This sounds amazing, and it is - albeit, to be honest, in an indirect way. Since this year’s “anniversary update”, Windows 10 features an optional Ubuntu Subsystem, which supports boxes natively. This is mostly thanks to @carnil, who maintains the Debian packages; and Debian being the foundation of Ubuntu. So, like I said, it is an indirect way, but still, we can’t help being a little proud of the fact!   ... read more
JetBrains have decided to support boxes with a free license for their C/C++ IDE CLion.
That's really nice - thank you!
Version 1.1.2 is out. Version 1.1.2 is only a maintenance release. There are no new features and no bug fixes, but a few new box designs and several changes to the way that boxes is built. So version 1.1.2 should be easier to build on more platforms.   ... read more
The boxes website moved to GitHub. The address and all URLs stay the same, except that .shtml extensions are now plain .html. The new website is based on Jekyll and features a responsive design by Scott Emmons. Now we have the power of GitHub available for the website, too! Just check out the gh-pages branch to get going.
The boxes sources moved to GitHub! This will hopefully make maintaining boxes much more efficient. Issues, feature requests, and contributions are now handled via GitHub. Also, development-related documentation will eventually be moved to GitHub. Everything else on this website stays the same for now.
Ron Aaron provided a Windows port of the current boxes version 1.1.1! Get it from the download page. Many thanks Ron Aaron! Thanks also go to boxes user Jared Cooperband, who tracked down Ron’s current contact details and convinced him to work on boxes again.
Version 1.1.1 is out. Version 1.1.1 is essentially a maintenance release which incorporated patches to the documentation by Salvatore Bonaccorso. There are no substantial changes to the code. See what’s new in the change log.
Boxes in the press: boxes was covered by nixCraft in an article with video. Here is the video: