What's New

Use boxes with Visual Studio Code!
A small release, mostly for the build fixes, but a few bug fixes and new designs, too!   ... read more
Boxes got a new website design, including versioned documentation and streamlined navigation   ... read more
New features! Parent configs, scriptable tag queries, alias names, XDG directory support   ... read more
A major update which brings Unicode support for input text and PCRE2 regular expressions   ... read more
Patrick Drechsler included boxes in his list of Modern Linux Command Line Tools. We are honored, especially because of the “modern” attribution. :wink:
Boxes is now available as a chocolatey package. Chocolatey (or just “choco”) is the popular package manager on Windows. If you have choco, you can now simply
C:\> choco install boxes.portable
and boxes will be available on your system.   ... read more
Version 1.3 is out.
This release features a small number of bug fixes and several new box designs   ... read more
We put together some step-by-step instructions on how to call boxes directly from the Notepad++ editor on Windows. It requires a bit of clicking to set up, but works like a charm!
We have 100 stars on GitHub - thank you!
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