New features! Parent configs, scriptable tag queries, alias names, XDG directory support
Here is the list of changes:

  • Support for XDG base directories. #69
    This means more config file locations are recognized, such as $HOME/.config/boxes/boxes-config. Details in the issue.
  • Config files may now inherit from one or more so-called parent config files. #5
    The config file recursively inherits all designs from its parents, and has the option to override them.
  • A box design can now have alias names in addition to its primary name. #30
  • Major improvements to the Vim syntax file, which now supports the full feature set of boxes config files. #63, #64
  • Add support for tag queries. Each box design can be tagged with a number of tags. Calling boxes -l will print the tag counts at the end of the list. Use boxes -q to query the list of designs by tag. This is helpful for scripting. #23
  • Add a new option -e which can be used to override the line break character used by boxes output. #60
    This is an experimental feature. Let us know in the issue if we should keep it or drop it.
  • Some minor fixes and enhancements, and a lot of internal improvements

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