Version 1.3 is out.
This release features a small number of bug fixes and several new box designs:

  • The most recent Git hash is now included in the version info output, along with information on whether this build included any files or changes not committed to Git. If so, the version info shows a ‘dirty’ flag.
  • Several small changes to reduce compiler warnings on MinGW
  • Bug fix: Improve error message for invalid box size on OSX #54
  • Improve handling of partial lines #57. Previously, it sometimes happened that an extra blank line was generated when boxes was called from a text editor.
  • Bug fix: Respect given outfile on box removal #55
  • Fix typo in manpage (thanks @carnil)
  • Bug fix by Stephen M. Cameron to eliminate some compiler warnings

  • New box designs ‘f90-box’ and ‘f90-cmt’ by Matt Thompson
  • New box designs ‘fence’, ‘important’, ‘important2’, and ‘important3’ by bdimych
  • Mike Meyer’s ‘unicornsay’ box design now allows smaller speech bubbles

The detailed changes can be seen in the commit history.

[Release History]