Boxes was originally written in 1999 by Thomas Jensen <boxes(at)>. He still maintains the software and this website today.

During its lifetime of over two decades, boxes has received help and support from a lot of people. This page tries to mention as many of them as possible and to say thank you - you make boxes come alive!

Package Maintainers

Boxes is available for many platforms, and we greatly appreciate the work put in by the maintainers of every boxes package. Without their special knowledge of distributions, processes, and, of course, boxes, it would be much harder to enjoy running boxes everywhere.

Platform Distro Tool Maintainer Past Maintainers
Linux CRUX pkgadd @TimB87  
Linux Debian apt @carnil  
Linux Fedora rpm @tim77 @jhrozek
MacOS MacOS brew @mathomp4 @fxcoudert
Windows Windows choco @tsjensen  
Windows Windows stand-alone @tsjensen Ron Aaron
Linux Gentoo portage @Schievel1 

The above table is probably incomplete. If you know someone who maintains a boxes package, or even do so yourself, send me an email, or just update the table via a pull request. Thank you!


Since boxes is on GitHub, all contributors are automatically listed on GitHub.

Pre-2014 Contributors

In the years before GitHub, boxes received support from additional people:

  • Ron Aaron - win32 port
  • Peter van den Berkmortel - HPUX 10 binaries of v1.0.1
  • Salvatore Bonaccorso - enable compilation on GNU/kFreeBSD and GNU/Hurd; fixes to the man page; maintainer of the Debian packages
  • Charles E. Campbell - vim syntax file fixes
  • Christoph Dreyer - tab unexpansion
  • Andreas Heiduk - bug fixes and compatibility improvements; Jed integration
  • Jakub Hrozek - patch to eliminate a compilation warning on Fedora; then maintainer of the Fedora packages
  • Yosuke Kimura - DEC alpha/OSF binaries of v1.0.1
  • Jeff Lanzarotta - contribution to FAQ
  • Elmar Loos - ‘mend’ option
  • Zdenek Sekera - SGI/Irix6 binaries of v1.0.1
  • Jason L. Shiffer - Emacs integration
  • Henry Spencer - kindly permitted the use of his regular expression library for boxes
  • Lu Weifeng - OpenWRT port - boxes now runs on routers, too
  • Tommy Williams - i386/FreeBSD port
  • Joe Zbiciak - compatibility improvements and Solaris binaries
  • François-Xavier Coudert - 64bit enablement for MacOS

  • AlpT - the c-cmt3 design
  • Ted Berg - the javadoc design
  • Neil Bird - the ada-cmt and ada-box designs
  • Bas van Gils - the cc design
  • Karl E. Jorgensen - the ian_jones design
  • Vijay Lakshminarayanan - the lisp-cmt design
  • Elmar Loos - the ccel and underline designs
  • Christian Molls - the boxquote design
  • Fredrik Steen - the stone design
  • Michael Tiernan - the caml design

Many thanks to these awesome folks!