Version 1.2 is out. This release features a minor enhancement to the configuration file capabilities, several bug fixes, improvements to the build, and several new box designs.

  • The boxes configuration file knows a new keyword: designer. This gives us the possibility to distinguish between the person who created the original ASCII art, and the person who made it into a boxes configuration. Despite this change, the boxes config files remain compatible in both directions.
  • Patch by François-Xavier Coudert to enable boxes to be compiled as a 64-bit application on Mac. Boxes is available on MacOS via Homebrew.
  • Patch by Yu-Jie Lin to better close file handles
  • Bug fix by Nic H on OSX where a box size description like x7 was being interpreted as hexadecimal 7
  • Two fixes to the boxes mode for Emacs by Jason L. Shiffer in response to bug reports, one fix suggested by Kevin Ryde
  • Bug fix by Salvatore Bonaccorso which had caused the build to fail on Ubuntu

  • New box designs ‘tex-cmt’ and ‘tex-box’ by Nic H
  • New box design ‘face’ by bdimych
  • New box designs ‘twisted’ and ‘scroll-akn’ by Tristano Ajmone

The detailed changes can be seen in the commit history.

[Release History]