Boxes is a command line program that draws a box around its input text. It can remove and repair those boxes, too. You can easily make your own box designs if you wish, but many designs are already provided.

Hello World!  ==>

/*                */
/*  Hello World!  */
/*                */
        / _  _ \
      (| (.)(.) |)
|                      |
|     Hello World!     |
|                      |
     (   )   Oooo.
      \ (    (   )
       \_)    ) /

Aug 18, 1999 - Beta development progresses

A major step in development after a long pause. Improvements include changes to the config file syntax which take care of the backslash explosion. Remember to download the current snapshot rather than the other source archives. Keeping track of boxes development is easiest via the log page, which is the most up-to-date page of this site.

Jul 4, 1999 - Web page redesign

Web page redesign. Lots of docs coming up!

Jun 30, 1999 - Beta version 2

Added Solaris binary and source archive for current beta2 version. Barring popular request, all features are in. Do still expect enhancements on the design autodetector, GNU configure support (porting) and POSIX support for the regular expression stuff. In other words, go ahead and use this beta, because the user side won’t really be affected by the planned changes.

Jun 16, 1999 - Alpha version 2

Added Solaris binary and source archive for current alpha2 version. Other binaries will be made available when development has reached a serious beta state. Most features are already in, but expect a padding option and some minor stuff.

Jun 4, 1999 - First alpha version

Added “Current Snapshot” to download section. This will be updated semi-automatically whenever a minor change was implemented. This particular snapshot just added already includes untested box removal functionality. Consider this an alpha version.

Jun 2, 1999 - List of box designs

Added list of box designs, which will from now on be updated periodically. Send me new designs (as config files, of course, not as images) and I’ll add ‘em if I like ‘em.

May 30, 1999 - Dev Update

Resumed development after pause of nearly two months. Removing boxes worked for the first time. It will be fuzzy! :smiley: Didn’t test yet. Be patient, I can only spend about a half hour to 45 minutes per day on this. (Less than I want to. :confused:)