Release History

So far, there were these stable releases:

Rel. Date Src Bin
1.3 February 21, 2019 link link
1.2 March 16, 2017 link link
1.1.2 January 16, 2015 link link
1.1.1 October 19, 2012 link link
1.1 July 23, 2006 link link
1.0.1 March 18, 2000 link link
1.0 August 22, 1999 link link

Sources and binaries for these releases are available from the above table.

When to upgrade

Boxes has been around a long time, and it has been very stable. Sometimes, new releases are still required to ensure that boxes continues to compile smoothly on a large number of platforms. Whether or not you should upgrade to a new version depends on what you’ve got, and what you want to do:

  • Building from Source: If you want to build from source, you should always use the latest sources from the above table. You may also clone the repo and build the bleeding edge. Since we have a stable master branch, this will also get you a good build, but it will be a snapshot version.

  • Using a binary: The last major functional enhancements were in version 1.1 (of 2006). So if you’ve got a working 1.1 binary on your system, you’re good and you don’t really need to upgrade. Staying on the even older 1.0.1 will mean that you’re missing features (such as better tab handling and the ‘mend’ option). Anything prior to 1.0.1 should definitely be upgraded.

Note that you can always copy the latest box designs from GitHub to replace your older boxes-config (Unix) or boxes.cfg (Windows) - the designs are backwards compatible.