Boxes Development

Since August 22, 1999, boxes version 1.0 is available.
Since March 18, 2000, boxes version 1.0.1 is available.
Since July 23, 2006, boxes version 1.1 is available.
Since October 19, 2012, even boxes version 1.1.1 is available!

This means that the planned functionality is implemented and working. Development will thus slow down and concentrate on the implementation of changes and upgrades desired by the users - you! - and, in the event of undocumented behavior (bugs), on the fixing of the same.

Great care has been taken to make the boxes source as compatible as possible with all kinds of different platforms.

Please do make suggestions for improvement and do not hesitate to email the author about your questions.

Change Log

The auto-generated change log shows every change made to the boxes core files. It is usually the most up-to-date page of the site.

Bug Reports

Should you notice any errors in the program, please drop me a line, including: Thank you!

Known Issues

As of version 1.1.1, there are these known issues:

Wish List

Missing a feature? Tell me and I'll put it up here. Up until now, the following wishes have been submitted:
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