This page is automatically updated whenever a few of the files listed below are checked in, so it is very up-to-date. It might already show changes which are not even in the current snapshot yet.

Chronological Change Log


2012/10/19 17:33:21; boxes-config 1.19 (tsjensen)
Improved standards conformity of the 'html' box design following a suggestion by Denilson F. de Sa

2012/10/19 17:05:17; 1.10 (tsjensen)
Applied patch by Salvatore Bonaccorso: Spelling fix for boxes.1 manpage
Incremented version number to 1.1.1

2012/10/19 16:56:00; 1.9 (tsjensen)
Applied patch by Salvatore Bonaccorso: Fix hyphen used as minus sign lintian warning

2012/10/19 16:10:36; boxes-config 1.18 (tsjensen)
new box design "ian_jones" by Karl E. Jorgensen

2006/08/28 17:53:46; boxes.c 1.39 (tsjensen)
Added support for --help and -? options, which do the same as -h
(This feature was requested by Raphael Wimmer).


2006/07/23 18:28:13; regexp.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
Undo of previous version
Added include string.h and stdlib.h, removed all manual extern declarations

2006/07/23 18:15:55; regsub.c 1.7 (tsjensen)
Undo of previous version
Added include string.h and removed manual extern declarations for strncpy()

2006/07/23 18:11:39; parser.y 1.25 (tsjensen)
Removed unsigned modifier from a pointer declaration in order to clear a warning which appeared on some Linuxes (reported by Andreas Heiduk)

2006/07/23 15:52:01; 1.8 (tsjensen)
updated version number to 1.1

2006/07/22 21:49:13; 1.7 (tsjensen)
Added tab expansion description
Updated some of the formatting
Reviewed for accuracy

2006/07/22 21:40:40; boxes.c 1.38 (tsjensen)
Applied patch by Christoph Dreyer to support unexpansion of leading tabs
Added ability to retain leading tabs in their original positions
Mending a box with -m now implies -k false

2006/07/22 21:31:25; lexer.l 1.19 (tsjensen)
Fix: Renamed yylineno to tjlineno to enable compilation on certain flexes (reported by Andreas Heiduk)

2006/07/22 21:30:55; parser.y 1.24 (tsjensen)
Fix: Renamed yylineno to tjlineno to enable compilation on certain flexes (reported by Andreas Heiduk)

2006/07/22 21:27:15; tools.c 1.7 (tsjensen)
Changed expand_tabs_into() so that it records the original tab positions in a line
Added tabbify_indent() to restore original leading tabs after box processing

2006/07/22 21:21:13; generate.c 1.11 (tsjensen)
Applied patch by Christoph Dreyer to support unexpansion of leading tabs
Added ability to retain existing tabs

2006/07/22 21:19:26; remove.c 1.8 (tsjensen)
Applied patch by Christoph Dreyer to support unexpansion of leading tabs
Added ability to retain existing tabs

2006/07/22 21:15:52; 1.22 (tsjensen)
Fix: Renamed yylineno to tjlineno to enable compilation on certain flexes (reported by Andreas Heiduk)
Added tabexp to opt_t
Added tabpos and tabpos_len to line_t for advanced tab handling

2006/07/22 21:07:21; Makefile 1.19 (tsjensen)
The file boxes.h is now managed by the top level Makefile only
Added rcslocks target to check lock status
Small usability enhancements

2006/07/22 21:02:24; regexp.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Several small changes which may help clear some warnings on Debian

2006/07/22 21:01:10; regsub.c 1.6 (tsjensen)
Added extern declaration of strncpy() to myregsub(), hoping this will clear some warnings on Debian

2006/07/20 23:39:57; 1.6 (tsjensen)
Modernized some wording
Added complex tab description
Augmented the -m description

2006/07/12 23:05:59; boxes-config 1.17 (tsjensen)
Updated web and email addresses for boxes
Added design c-cmt3 by AlpT
Added design boxquote by Christian Molls
Added design cc by Bas van Gils
Added design stone by Fredrik Steen
Added design lisp-cmt by Vijay Lakshminarayanan
Added design ccel by Elmar Loos
Added design underline by Elmar Loos

2006/07/12 08:18:05; 1.5 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses for boxes
Added info about new -m option
Changed the description for -s option

2006/07/12 07:49:50; boxes.c 1.37 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header etc.
Applied patch by Elmar Loos that adds -m option for mending a box
Changed a few more things to make the box mending patch work in connection with all the other boxes options

2006/07/12 07:44:12; 1.21 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header
Added new member 'mend' to opt_t (for option -m, mend box)

2006/07/12 07:42:48; config.h 1.4 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header

2006/07/12 07:42:28; generate.c 1.10 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header

2006/07/12 07:32:10; Makefile 1.18 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header

2006/07/12 07:31:25; parser.y 1.23 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header

2006/07/12 07:28:58; remove.c 1.7 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header
Added trim_only flag to output_input() function, used for box mending

2006/07/12 07:27:29; shape.c 1.6 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header

2006/07/12 07:25:47; tools.c 1.6 (tsjensen)
Updated email and web addresses in comment header

2006/07/12 07:20:26; regsub.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
Updated world wide web link in comment header

2006/07/07 09:24:17; lexer.l 1.18 (tsjensen)
Applied patch by Andreas Heiduk to facilitate compilation with present-day flexes

2000/04/01 20:28:18; 1.20 (tsjensen)
Added cld member to command line option struct (-c option)

2000/04/01 20:27:17; boxes.c 1.36 (tsjensen)
Added -c option (simple comment definition)

2000/04/01 20:26:57; 1.4 (tsjensen)
Added documentation of -c option

2000/03/21 16:26:31; boxes.c 1.35 (tsjensen)
Minor change to make boxes compile on DEC/OSF, too (S_ISDIR)


2000/03/18 01:51:43; Makefile 1.17 (tsjensen)
Added Makefile.Win32 and misc/* to snap generation commands

2000/03/18 01:44:26; boxes.c 1.34 (tsjensen)
Port to Win32 platform based on patches by Ron Aaron
Changes only affect Win32 version. Win32 behavior differs from the UNIX platforms in the way the config file is searched and the config file name (boxes.cfg).

2000/03/18 01:43:13; 1.19 (tsjensen)
Added vim autocommand to set syntax highlighting to C

2000/03/18 01:39:34; boxes-config 1.16 (tsjensen)
Added hint to online docs to top of file
Added javadoc design by Ted Berg
Added ada-cmt and ada-box designs by Neil Bird
Changed string delimiter of diamonds design back to quotes

1999/11/08 12:55:13; Makefile 1.16 (tsjensen)
Moved config.h into ORIG_HDRCL group, so it appears in the change log Web page

1999/11/08 12:51:41; remove.c 1.6 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: For non-empty left box sides, spaces belonging to "empty" shape lines were not properly removed in some cases

1999/11/07 19:46:26; remove.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: Horizontal box parts were not correctly detected if the west box side was empty (reported: Tobias Buchal)
Bugfix: boxes could hang in detect_horiz() due to goeast/west confusion

1999/09/10 21:21:05; boxes.c 1.33 (tsjensen)
Eliminated use of PATH_MAX in order to ease porting
Restructured infile/outfile code to eliminate need for access() function and improve readability
Added file type check before reading config file. boxes used to generate a weird error message if the config file is a directory

1999/08/31 17:37:01; generate.c 1.9 (tsjensen)
Applied Joe Zbiciak's patches to remove all snprintf()s and variants
Replaced snprintf() calls with calls to concat_strings() in the process

1999/08/31 17:35:13; tools.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
Applied Joe Zbiciak's patches to remove all snprintf()s and variants
Added concat_strings() function and changed yyerror() in the process

1999/08/25 15:38:37; config.h 1.3 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: Changed empty #elif to #else (thanks Tommy Williams)
Port to i386/FreeBSD by Tommy Williams


1999/08/22 13:37:27; boxes-config 1.15 (tsjensen)
Added some more REVERSE statements where only REPLACE statements were so far
Replaced some hardcoded padding values with padding statements
Added padding to some more box designs
Changed headline design regexp rules to not bother indentation when indentmode is "text"

1999/08/22 13:36:45; generate.c 1.8 (tsjensen)
Removed const from 2nd parameter of justify_line() function

1999/08/22 13:34:46; boxes.c 1.32 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: no-input-check must take place before indentation computation

1999/08/22 01:41:25; 1.3 (tsjensen)
Renamed file from boxes.1 to
Version number and name of global config file are now put in automatically
Updates for version 1.0

1999/08/22 01:37:23; 1.18 (tsjensen)
Renamed file from boxes.h to
VERSION and GLOBALCONF values are now put in by top level Makefile

1999/08/22 01:35:44; Makefile 1.15 (tsjensen)
boxes.h is now generated from by top level Makefile
Added -Wall -W to CFLAGS and removed .c.o rule

1999/08/22 01:33:03; boxes.c 1.31 (tsjensen)
Added usage of system-wide config file (GLOBALCONF from boxes.h)
Moved config file selection code into it own function (get_config_file())

1999/08/21 18:10:41; Makefile 1.14 (tsjensen)
Removed case insensitivity option (-i) from flex call. Now done in lexer.l.

1999/08/21 18:09:33; tools.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Removed newline check from empty_line() function

1999/08/21 18:04:24; generate.c 1.7 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: justify_line() still didn't work right. It should now. (This time I discovered that indentmode=="text" was confusing it. Arghh!)

1999/08/21 18:03:31; remove.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: When matching vertical side shape lines, ignore empty shape lines

1999/08/21 17:55:42; boxes.c 1.30 (tsjensen)
Updated usage information
Updated quickinfo (-l -d) with killblank default value
Made indentation computation into a function of its own (get_indent())
Bugfix: REVERSION code may change indentation -> recompute if necessary

1999/08/21 17:53:58; parser.y 1.22 (tsjensen)
Removed check for empty sample block, which is also done in lexer.l

1999/08/20 21:51:12; lexer.l 1.17 (tsjensen)
Moved contents of YY_USER_INIT definition into a separate function which is now called by YY_USER_INIT (better readability)

1999/08/18 21:14:08; 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added info for -k and the quickinfo mode

1999/08/18 20:23:41; lexer.l 1.16 (tsjensen)
Declared yyerrcnt to be static
Added YY_USER_INIT macro to set the input buffer size to the config file size (plus a bit). This is supposed to be a workaround for the REJECT problem.

1999/08/18 20:23:06; config.h 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added Linux defines. Now compiles nicely on (my) Linux.

1999/08/18 17:40:10; lexer.l 1.15 (tsjensen)
Added %options never-interactive and caseless
Added code for DELIMITER statements
Rewrote string rules to deal with delimiter statements

1999/08/18 17:38:44; parser.y 1.21 (tsjensen)
Added new tokens YCHGDEL and YDELWORD
Added code for DELIMITER statements

1999/08/18 17:37:09; generate.c 1.6 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: justify_line() still didn't work right. It should now. (Man, I got a strong sense of déja vu! Weird ...)

1999/08/18 17:34:38; boxes-config 1.14 (tsjensen)
Added shapes W and E to diamonds sample block (sample was too small)
Added DELIMITER statements to dramatically reduce number of backslashes

1999/08/16 20:30:32; generate.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: justify_line() still didn't work right. It should now.

1999/08/16 20:29:39; boxes.c 1.29 (tsjensen)
Added output of total number of designs for -l

1999/08/16 18:29:25; parser.y 1.20 (tsjensen)
Changed SAMPLE block syntax to get rid of all the quoting sh*t in SAMPLE blocks. Samples now look authentic even in the config file. Very simple now.
Added new token YENDSAMPLE in the process.

1999/08/16 18:28:03; lexer.l 1.14 (tsjensen)
Implemented new SAMPLE block syntax
Replaced states SAMPLE1 and SAMPLE2 with new state SAMPLE - this is now much simpler code

1999/08/16 18:24:32; boxes-config 1.13 (tsjensen)
Removed revision history from file (does not really interest the users)
Polished scroll design
Upgraded to new SAMPLE block syntax. It looks good.

1999/08/14 21:31:23; 1.17 (tsjensen)
Incremented beta version number to 5
Added maxshapeheight member to design_t struct

1999/08/14 21:19:25; parser.y 1.19 (tsjensen)
Added anz_shapespec variable to count non-deepempty user-specified shapes
(must at least be 1)
Moved yylex declaration to lexer.h, where it belongs
Bugfix: bison and yacc seem to differ in the way action code is treated which is associated with an error token. Since bison calls the action routine whenever a token is skipped while recovering, added skipping variable to ensure that only one "skipping to next design" message is printed. That was not necessary before. %-/
Removed existence check from corner_check() routine (obsolete).
Added code to generate required shapes which were not specified by the user
Clean-up in shape_def rule (use freeshape() and some more)

1999/08/14 21:11:53; shape.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
Added findshape(), genshape(), freeshape(), and isdeepempty() functions
Added on_side() back in with a few changes
Changed empty_side() to use isdeepempty() -> much simpler code

1999/08/14 21:00:00; boxes-config 1.12 (tsjensen)
Removed shape definitions consisting only of spaces from all designs. This has become possible because missing shape definitions are now automatically added by boxes.

1999/08/14 01:55:03; Makefile 1.13 (tsjensen)
Given regexp stuff its own Makefile in regexp.
Major Makefile overhaul, maily implementation of new directory structure and consolidation of file macros
Use more GNU make features

1999/08/14 01:54:24; tools.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: cut&paste error in in strisyes() and strisno(). Thanks Warren Seltzer

1999/07/23 18:38:02; shape.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Removed functions iscorner(), on_side(), shapecmp(), both_on_side(), and shape_distance() - nobody was using them anyway.

1999/07/23 18:15:48; boxes.c 1.28 (tsjensen)
Added quickinfo mode to list_styles(). Called with -l and -d together.

1999/07/23 18:14:17; parser.y 1.18 (tsjensen)
Added computation of height of highest shape in design (maxshapeheight)
Options -l and -d together now call quickinfo mode -> parse only 1 design

1999/07/22 14:28:25; shape.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Added include config.h

1999/07/22 14:27:16; parser.y 1.17 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Renamed parser.h include to lexer.h (same file)
Added include config.h

1999/07/22 14:26:10; config.h 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/07/22 14:21:14; lexer.l 1.13 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Renamed include to parser.h (same file)
Renamed parser.h include to lexer.h (same file)
Added config.h include

1999/07/22 14:17:17; boxes-config 1.11 (tsjensen)
Modernized code of "columns" design and made code consistent with sample

1999/07/21 18:53:17; boxes.c 1.27 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: Empty box sides were still counted when -s was specified (so
-s x5 would get you only three lines).

1999/07/21 18:50:48; generate.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Bugfix: When doing the line justification in output_box(), the padding was counted as part of the modifyable inner part of the box instead of the fixed box itself, which resulted in strange bugs (tricky one).

1999/07/20 20:57:16; remove.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Does not kill leading/trailing blank lines anymore when !opt.killblank
Added include config.h

1999/07/20 20:55:20; tools.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Added functions strisyes() and strisno()
Added config.h and shape.h include statements

1999/07/20 20:54:10; boxes-config 1.10 (tsjensen)
Completely revised code of "tjc" design

1999/07/20 20:51:41; regsub.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: REPLACE "^" with "a" caused a hangup. Now automatically declaring matches which have a length of zero to be of scope "once".

1999/07/20 20:49:58; Makefile 1.12 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Now evaluating date command from SNAPFILE only once
Changed order of files in snapshot archive (who cares)

1999/07/20 20:48:46; 1.16 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Updated beta version number :-)
Added killblank member to global options

1999/07/20 20:45:29; boxes.c 1.26 (tsjensen)
Added GNU GPL disclaimer
Added -k option (kill leading/trailing blank lines on removal yes/no)
Bugfix: REPLACE and indentation conflict. Now applying regexp substitutions only after indentation was already handled.

1999/07/12 20:34:14; boxes-config 1.9 (tsjensen)
Added "headline" design to show useful example of regexp backreferences
Fixed small bug in sample block of "stark2" design
Added padding of t1 for design "parchment"

1999/07/12 20:28:53; Makefile 1.11 (tsjensen)
Removed --yacc option from bison call
Added logpage target to generate the chronologically sorted global change log in HTML format. This requires a Perl script (
Added config.h to dependencies and stuff
Removed special targets for yacc and lex files. Thanks to Andreas Heiduk, it is now possible to compile all files with -W -Wall and no extra defines.
Moved regexp library to a subdirectory regexp
Some modifications on the source file macros which now differentiate between files which are listed in the HTML change log and files which aren't.

1999/07/12 20:16:36; boxes.c 1.25 (tsjensen)
Added include "config.h" to top of file

1999/07/12 20:07:46; 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/07/02 13:58:15; lexer.l 1.12 (tsjensen)
Added begin_speedmode() which is called by parser.y
Added state SPEEDMODE for fast skipping of designs
Introduced definitions for PWORD, PBOX, and PWHITE (whitespace)
Added %options nounput and noyywrap for easier compilation/linking

1999/07/02 13:54:52; parser.y 1.16 (tsjensen)
Some minor changes to please compiler
Communication of speed mode to lexer
Bugfix: Forgot to check for opt.l before calling YYACCEPT

1999/07/02 13:50:35; Makefile 1.10 (tsjensen)
Added parser.h header file for lexer-parser communication
Moved from yacc to GNU "bison --yacc"
No longer linking with flex library
Activated -Wall -W for parser.y
Removed -DYY_NO_UNPUT from lexer compilation (now done via file option)

1999/06/30 14:37:25; boxes.c 1.24 (tsjensen)
Added [lcr] "shorthand" to -a option

1999/06/30 14:19:12; 1.15 (tsjensen)
Removed DEF_DESIGN macro, because it now defaults to first design
Removed some porting code, hoping for autoconf future

1999/06/30 14:16:38; boxes.c 1.23 (tsjensen)
Removed entire select_design stuff, because the parser now return much smaller data structures. The first design pointed to by designs is always the one we need (except for ops on *all* designs).
The first design in config file is now default design (no DEF_DESIGN anymore).

1999/06/30 14:13:47; parser.y 1.15 (tsjensen)
Now parsing only those designs which will be needed later on
Checks formerly done in boxes.c now done here (no valid designs etc.)

1999/06/28 20:42:19; boxes-config 1.8 (tsjensen)
Moved "C" design to first position in file, so it remains the default
Changed netdata design to use padding option and reversion

1999/06/28 20:37:38; lexer.l 1.11 (tsjensen)
Replaced DEBUG macro with LEXER_DEBUG, which is now activated in boxes.h
New tokens to, with, global, once
Added LEX_MAX_WARN macro to limit number of lex errors printed per design
Replaced exit()s with return YUNREC where errors are not fatal

1999/06/28 20:32:51; parser.y 1.14 (tsjensen)
Unified appearance of error messages, which are now all based on yyerror()
Eliminated duplicate code by introducing intermediate rules
New tokens YTO, YWITH, and YRXPFLAG to reduce strcasecmp() usage
New token YUNREC for integration of lexer into error handling
Some code restructuring and rule renaming for better consistency
Added out-of-memory-checks to many strdup()s and such

1999/06/28 14:21:34; Makefile 1.9 (tsjensen)
Added macro SNAPFILE for boxes-SNAP-`date +%Y%m%d`
Added target rcstest
Now builds optimized code by default
Added debug target for non-optimized code w/ debugging info

1999/06/28 14:19:29; boxes.c 1.22 (tsjensen)
Moved parser init and cleanup from main() to parser.y
Some further cleanup in main()

1999/06/28 14:17:46; lexer.l 1.10 (tsjensen)
Added tokens YBOX and YEND (thus, BOX and END are no longer YKEYWORDs)
Added #define FILE_LEXER_L around #include boxes.h to please compiler

1999/06/28 14:15:47; parser.y 1.13 (tsjensen)
Added error handling. Now skips to next design on error.
Replaced DEBUG macro with PARSER_DEBUG, which is now activated in boxes.h
Added rule first_rule, which performs init and cleanup formerly done in main()
Introduced symbols YBOX and YEND

1999/06/27 19:59:50; boxes-config 1.7 (tsjensen)
Added design c-cmt2
Added padding entries to a few designs
A few cosmetic corrections in sample blocks etc.


1999/06/25 20:52:28; shape.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added empty_side() function from boxes.c
Removed #include regexp.h

1999/06/25 20:51:04; 1.14 (tsjensen)
Removed empty_side() prototype (now in shape.h)
Added indentmode and justify members to command line options struct

1999/06/25 20:46:39; boxes.c 1.21 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: Mixed up SW and NE in padding calculation (tricky, that one)
Added indent mode command line option for grammar overrides
Moved empty_side() to shape.c after small change in signature
Added text-in-block justification (j) to alignment option (-a)

1999/06/25 20:45:33; remove.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added initialization of mmok to please compiler
Changed parameters of empty_side() calls to comply with new signature

1999/06/25 20:42:50; generate.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added justify_line() function for alignment of lines inside the text block
Cleaned up hfill calculation in output_box()
Changed parameters of empty_side() calls to comply with new signature

1999/06/23 21:35:17; Makefile 1.8 (tsjensen)
Added remove.o and generate.o
Introduced implicit rule .c.o, simplifying commands for most sources

1999/06/23 21:23:55; generate.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added output_box() from boxes.c

1999/06/23 21:21:15; 1.13 (tsjensen)
Now exporting anz_designs, input, and empty_side()
Added #include regexp.h back

1999/06/23 21:17:27; boxes.c 1.20 (tsjensen)
Removed snprintf() and vsnprintf() prototypes (why were they in anyway?) along with stdarg.h include
Exported input global data and empty_side() function
Declared non-exported functions static
Moved horiz_precalc(), vert_precalc(), horiz_assemble(), vert_assemble(), horiz_generate(), vert_generate(), generate_box() and output_box() to a new file generate.c
Moved best_match(), hmm(), detect_horiz(), detect_design(), remove_box() and output_input() to a new file remove.c

1999/06/23 21:14:53; remove.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/06/23 20:52:54; generate.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/06/23 14:33:49; 1.12 (tsjensen)
Moved some data structures and macros related to shapes to shape.h
Added #ifdef DEBUG around __TJ() macro for convenience

1999/06/23 14:31:26; boxes.c 1.19 (tsjensen)
Improvements on design detection (could still be better though)
Moved iscorner(), on_side(), isempty(), shapecmp(), both_on_side(), shape_distance(), empty_side(), highest(), and widest() as well as some data structures and macros related to shapes to new file shape.c

1999/06/23 14:27:50; Makefile 1.7 (tsjensen)
Added tools.o and shape.o
Change in snapshot target directory (download)
Added GENSRC, HSSRC, ORIGSRC, ALLSRC, and ALLOBJ macros for more order

1999/06/23 14:26:59; shape.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/06/23 13:19:30; tools.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/06/22 14:03:33; boxes.c 1.18 (tsjensen)
DEBUGging is now activated in boxes.h
Moved MAX_TABSTOP, LINE_MAX macros to boxes.h
Moved BMAX, strrstr, btrim(), yyerror(), expand_tabs_into(), regerror(), empty_line() to a new file tools.c, added #include tools.h
Some cleanup in main()
Declared style_sort() helper function static
Renamed strrstr() to my_strnrstr() (now defined in tools.c)
Default design is now defined by DEF_DESIGN macro
Moved struct opt_t to boxes.h
Bugfix: segfaulted if shape was bigger than input when detecting design
Bugfix: Padding was not removed when box was removed
Bugfix: Forgot null byte when removing west box side
Changed select_design(), because default design value now set in process_commandline()

1999/06/22 14:01:24; 1.11 (tsjensen)
Added DEF_DESIGN (default design name)
Added opt_t and opt global variable from boxes.c
Moved BFREE macro and yyerror() and empty_line() prototypes to tools.h
Added LINE_MAX and MAX_TABSTOP macros from boxes.c
Added #define DEBUG and REGEXP_DEBUG. This will centrally activate debugging.

1999/06/22 14:01:01; parser.y 1.12 (tsjensen)
Added #undef DEBUG, because DEBUGging is now activated in boxes.h
Added #include tools.h

1999/06/22 14:00:05; lexer.l 1.9 (tsjensen)
Added #undef DEBUG, because DEBUGging is now activated in boxes.h
Added #include tools.h

1999/06/20 16:20:29; boxes.c 1.17 (tsjensen)
Added code for padding handling (-p)
Added BMAX macro (returns maximum of two values)

1999/06/20 16:19:31; 1.10 (tsjensen)
Added padding member to design struct

1999/06/20 16:18:51; parser.y 1.11 (tsjensen)
Adden YPADDING and YNUMBER tokens plus code for padding blocks

1999/06/20 16:17:58; lexer.l 1.8 (tsjensen)
Added "padding" keyword and recogintion of numbers (YNUMBER)

1999/06/17 21:08:50; 1.9 (tsjensen)
Removed #pragma ident "string"
Changed VERSION to 1.0 beta
Added line_t and empty_line() prototype

1999/06/17 21:07:06; boxes.c 1.16 (tsjensen)
Moved line_t to boxes.h empty_line() now also considers \r and \n whitespace
Added empty_side() function
Added handling of empty box sides in output_box()

1999/06/17 21:05:46; lexer.l 1.7 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: Sample block analysis didn't handle empty blocks

1999/06/17 21:04:45; parser.y 1.10 (tsjensen)
Added detection of empty sample blocks (we don't want that)
Added detection of duplicate sample blocks

1999/06/17 21:03:09; boxes-config 1.6 (tsjensen)
Added designs c-cmt, pound-cmt, java-cmt, html-cmt, right, vim-cmt
They have become possible because boxes now checks for empty sides.

1999/06/16 12:52:59; boxes-config 1.5 (tsjensen)
Added "reverse" entry for testing, more "reverse" entries needed still
Added "peek" design for C funtion headers
Simplified some replacement entries

1999/06/15 14:07:39; boxes.c 1.15 (tsjensen)
Removed a stray debug message
Move apply_substitutions() regexp handling function up in file
Use apply_substitutions() in read_input() routine also
Moved "extern int yyparse()" prototype to start of file

1999/06/14 14:13:41; lexer.l 1.6 (tsjensen)
Added Reverse pattern

1999/06/14 14:13:01; parser.y 1.9 (tsjensen)
Added YREVERSE token
Added code for regexp reversion

1999/06/14 14:11:54; 1.8 (tsjensen)
Added struct members for regexp reversion code
Renamed current_reprule to current_rule, now used for both directions

1999/06/14 14:08:49; boxes.c 1.14 (tsjensen)
Bugfix: best_match() box side detection used numw instead of nume
Added apply_substitutions() routine for central regexp handling
Added regexp reversion code for box removal
Unified use of current_re[pv]rule
Added a few comments and debugging code

1999/06/13 17:28:31; boxes.c 1.13 (tsjensen)
Some error message clean-up
Regular expression substituions on input text only if *drawing* a box, not if the box is to be removed (requires other substitutions, TODO).
Added code for box design auto-detection when removing a box.

1999/06/04 20:13:26; boxes.c 1.12 (tsjensen)
Don't adjust indentation after removing a box unless something was removed on the west side
East Padding made dynamic, i.e. dependant on the east side size

1999/06/04 14:15:37; Makefile 1.6 (tsjensen)
Added snap target for automatic snapshot publication

1999/06/03 21:24:14; boxes.c 1.11 (tsjensen)
a few fixes related to box removal (as expected)

1999/06/03 20:54:55; lexer.l 1.5 (tsjensen)
*** empty log message ***

1999/06/03 20:54:49; parser.y 1.8 (tsjensen)
*** empty log message ***

1999/06/03 20:54:33; 1.7 (tsjensen)
*** empty log message ***

1999/06/03 20:54:05; boxes.c 1.10 (tsjensen)
lots of fixes
Added remove box functionality, which remains to be tested

1999/04/12 20:13:57; regsub.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added missing '$' to rcs id string, changed from #ident to char

1999/04/12 20:13:20; regexp.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added missing '$' to rcs id string, changed from #ident to char

1999/04/09 20:11:08; boxes-config 1.4 (tsjensen)
Added some more designs
Uncommented an unused entry, since boxes no longer generates warnings upon encountering syntactically correct entries which it doesn't know.

1999/04/09 15:33:24; boxes.c 1.9 (tsjensen)
Removed code related to OFFSET blocks (obsolete)

1999/04/09 15:32:55; 1.6 (tsjensen)
Removed code related to OFFSET blocks (obsolete)

1999/04/09 15:31:54; parser.y 1.7 (tsjensen)
Added checks for duplicate design names
Added checks for valid design names (no extended ASCII or ctrl chars)
Removed all code related to OFFSET blocks (obsolete)

1999/04/09 15:31:13; lexer.l 1.4 (tsjensen)
Removed all code related to OFFSET blocks (obsolete)

1999/04/09 15:28:13; boxes-config 1.3 (tsjensen)
Removed all occurrences of OFFSET specs (obsolete).
Added some new designs
Added some test/debugging designs

1999/04/05 21:39:27; regsub.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
Hopefully fixed a potential buffer overrun problem in regsub()

1999/04/04 18:18:23; regexp.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added #ident directive

1999/04/04 18:15:43; regexp.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/04/04 18:14:46; regsub.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/04/04 18:12:40; Makefile 1.5 (tsjensen)
Added rules for new regular expression handling files
Added file header
Straightened out clean commands

1999/04/04 18:11:39; lexer.l 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added indent keyword
Added Replace token
Some fiddling which will hopefully fix a line counting bug

1999/04/04 18:10:51; 1.5 (tsjensen)
Added some flags to design structure
Move default settings here from boxes.c

1999/04/04 18:09:01; boxes.c 1.8 (tsjensen)
Added code for specification of indentation handling of input
Added regular expression substitutions
Some minor fixes

1999/04/04 18:07:53; parser.y 1.6 (tsjensen)
Enforced use of PROJECT macro
Added "indent" directive to grammar
Added "replace" directive to grammar

1999/04/03 14:01:01; Makefile 1.4 (tsjensen)
Added build target for optimized compilation
Now linking with flex library instead of lex library

1999/04/02 20:42:44; boxes.c 1.7 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...
Added infile/outfile parameter code (pasted from tal, more or less)
Added code to remove trailing spaces from output lines

1999/04/01 19:26:18; boxes.c 1.6 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...
Some bug fixes
Added size option (-s)
Added Alignment Option (-a)
It seems actually usable for drawing boxes :-)

1999/03/31 19:34:43; 1.4 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...
Added minwidth and minheight to design structure

1999/03/31 19:34:21; boxes.c 1.5 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...
(some bug fixes and restructuring)

1999/03/30 17:36:03; boxes-config 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added some more designs
Incorporated changes in the still evolving format

1999/03/30 15:30:19; boxes.c 1.4 (tsjensen)
Added minimum width/height for a design. Fixed screwed tiny boxes.
Did not handle zero input.

1999/03/30 15:29:50; parser.y 1.5 (tsjensen)
Added computation of minimum width/height of each design.

1999/03/30 11:42:51; lexer.l 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added rcs keywords and standard file header.

1999/03/30 11:37:51; parser.y 1.4 (tsjensen)
It drew a correct box for the first time!

1999/03/30 11:36:58; 1.3 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...
It drew a correct box for the first time!

1999/03/30 11:36:23; boxes.c 1.3 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...
(removed setlocale() call and locale.h include)

1999/03/24 19:29:12; parser.y 1.3 (tsjensen)
Added detection of empty shapes ("") which are now cleared (+warning)
Changed rcs string to #ident directive

1999/03/22 12:57:14; Makefile 1.3 (tsjensen)
Compile everything but the parser with -Wall -W

1999/03/19 19:58:14; Makefile 1.2 (tsjensen)
Added boxes.o to clean target
Switched language to ANSI C / POSIX_SOURCE
Added -Wall -W to boxes core compilation

1999/03/19 19:57:20; parser.y 1.2 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...

1999/03/19 19:51:19; 1.2 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...

1999/03/19 19:44:47; boxes.c 1.2 (tsjensen)
... still programming ...

1999/03/18 17:10:41; Makefile 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/03/18 17:10:06; parser.y 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/03/18 17:09:48; lexer.l 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/03/18 17:09:34; 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/03/18 17:09:17; boxes.c 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

1999/03/18 17:08:57; boxes-config 1.1 (tsjensen)
Initial revision

List of Files

boxes-config (1.19)
Configuration File for boxes, the box drawing program (1.10)
boxes manual page in troff format
Makefile (1.19)
makefile for boxes, the box drawing program
boxes.c (1.39)
boxes - draws text boxes around your code (1.22)
Header file for boxes.c
config.h (1.4)
Please compiler and ease porting
generate.c (1.11)
Box generation, i.e. the drawing of boxes
lexer.l (1.19)
Lexical Analyzer for boxes configuration file parser
parser.y (1.25)
Parser for boxes config files
regexp.c (1.5)
regcomp and regexec -- regsub and regerror are elsewhere Copyright (c) 1986 by University of Toronto. Written by Henry Spencer. Not derived from licensed software. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose on any computer system, and to redistribute it freely, subject to the restrictions stated in this file.
regsub.c (1.7)
Perform substitutions after a regexp match Original Code by Henry Spencer (c) 1986 by University of Toronto
remove.c (1.8)
Box removal, i.e. the deletion of boxes
shape.c (1.6)
Shape handling and information functions
tools.c (1.7)
Tool functions for error reporting and some string handling as well as other needful thingies.

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